Sustained growth interlaced with seamless improvement is the real essence of a successful firm. This largely depends on the efficiency & dedication of the team involved. We are fortunate to have a professionally expert and experienced team that efficiently meets the quality parameters set by the company. Every craftsmen is well-versed with the processes in which he is involved and is hence able to contribute towards quality and timely production. Highly quality-conscious, these craftsmen leave no scope for any flaw at any stage. With time they have further honed their skills that is reflected in the well-finished furniture items that are gaining popularity in the market.

Packaging forms an important part of the quality delivery. Our wooden furniture is well packed to ensure safe delivery. Packaging at our unit is done keeping in mind that each piece has to undergo number of stages of handling before loading into container. Apt packaging material is selected that is most suitable for packing of wooden furniture item. We have a separate packaging department that takes care of the packaging process. Every required precaution is taken to ensure there is no loophole in the packaging as any flaw can lead to deterioration in the quality of the product during storage or transit.
Finishes Offered

Our Philosophy is that we are never successful unless and until our Front Line Associates are, and we know ‘QUALITY’ is the single important factor that keeps any product fast moving at Store Floors. All the wood is chemically treated against worms and kiln dried in seasoning kilns to a moisture content below 6-8% prior to using into furniture construction. International grade of glue is used along with tenon and mortise joinery. Each piece has to undergo a critical examination process before packing.

We offer following finishes on wooden surface:
Water Based finishes