Manufacturing Process

The various processes involved in the manufacturing of our furniture products are:

Stock Timber
We stock a wide range of high quality woods such as Teak, Sheesham & Babool to be used as raw materials in production.

The selected wood is then cut into desired sections using cutting machines.

Chemical Treatment
To render the wood free from contaminant of all kinds such as termites and other pests, it is treated with CCA chemicals approved by international standards. With a capacity of 300 sq. ft., our chemical treatment plants can handle large quantities at any given time.

The wood is then seasoned and sized using specialized processes to render the wood apt for construction. The seasoning chambers in our facilities provide a capacity of 800 cubic feet per chamber. The seasoning process ensures that the wood is dried and retains 5% moisture for ease in construction.
Final Wood/Polishing

Using the latest polishing machines, the wood is prepared for final use. The polishing process ensures smooth finishes and even surfaces in the wood products.